Here at SuperDummy, our mission is acceptance through learning. Too often, stereotypes get in the way of people trying new things or mixing with people who have different interests. We aim to break down these barriers by learning more about different interests and the people who like them. Promoting conversation and understanding with the things that unify us.

If asking questions and wanting to know more makes you a dummy, well, that must be our superpower.

Our Projects

Era Of Geek

An exploration into people’s hobbies and interests. Breaking down the stereotype behind the word ‘geek’ one story at a time.

A Dummies Guide To Geekdom

Bitesize lessons, bringing everyone up to speed on all things geek culture. From comic books, movies, TV Shows and more.

Super Draft

A project for Comics in Motion. Two people battle it out to pick a team of 5 characters from a chosen category. Who has the best team? You decide!

Pop Culture Collective

A group of like-minded independent creators who support each other. We also promote each other’s work through a weekly newsletter.

Our Friends

Femme On collective

We are proud to support the Femme On collective. A podcast collective hosting lively discussions about pop culture and whatever the heck interests them while placing the female gaze front and center.

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