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Beginners Guide: Cyborg

Cyborg #1

Victor Stone wanted to have a normal life, years of his scientist parents performing experiments on him were taking its toll. Fate would have different plans for him, however, as normal was not on the agenda.For episode 8 of the…

Superheroes for Dummies: Cyborg

Superheroes For Dummies

In episode 8 of Superheroes for Dummies, we covered an inspirational, underrated character; Cyborg. In this episode, we explored both his different origins, his friends, enemies, and much much more. Some might say too much more. You’ll have to listen…

Father & Son Showdown

Teen Titans #44

Back in episode 5 of the podcast, you may remember Steve teasing the ongoing storylines with Damian Wayne. Robin had secretly turned the underground area of Teen Titans HQ into a Dungeon. In there, he had imprisoned some of the…