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Beginners Guide: Daredevil

Daredevil #1

Do not fear everyone, for the devil of hell’s kitchen is here. For Episode 12 of the podcast, you chose Matt Murdock… Here’s a beginners guide to Daredevil. A Better Life Much like in our previous episode with Zatanna, Matt…

Superheroes for Dummies: Daredevil

Superheroes For Dummies

It’s time for Episode 12 of the not yet award winning podcast. This time you, the listeners, chose Daredevil! The man without fear and he who is connected to the Ninja Turtles. What on earth am I talking about? You’ll…

The Return of Archie Superheroes?

The Agent and Murder Hornet

Although this won’t primarily be a news website, as there are people that already do that better than I can. There will be the occasional piece of news that I feel should be shared. As we covered in Episode 3…