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Beginners Guide: The Fly

Adventures of The Fly #2

In Episode 3 we ventured away from the ‘big 2’ into a superhero originating from the catalogue of Archie Comics; The Fly. To help us in our journey, it was our honour that Matthew B Lloyd was able to join…

Beginners Guide: Spiderman

Amazing Fantasy #15

In episode 2 of our not yet award-winning podcast, we discussed the amazing Spider-man. Another well-loved character who most people remember for dealing with minor crimes, despite having dealt with some major villains.I will say from the start that we…

Beginners Guide: Batman

Batman Year One Part 1

Episode one of the superheroes for dummies podcast focused on Batman. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you can find it here. There was a lot to learn and we only really scratched the surface. Below is a quick…