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Hellblazer #11
Following from our Zatanna episode, we had a sudden flurry of votes for another magical character. […]
Superheroes For Dummies
It’s Episode 13 of the not yet award-winning podcast! Unlucky for some, I believe we managed […]
Captain Britain #1
It takes a certain type of hero to defend the realm, especially in a world where […]
Superheroes For Dummies
Another great British character, Captain Britain, was the focus for episode 7 of Superheroes for Dummies. […]
Warrior Summer Special
In Episode 6 of Superheroes for Dummies, we talked about the great British character Miracleman, formerly […]
Superheroes For Dummies
We briefly mentioned him in our SHAZAM episode, but you the people let your voices be […]