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Hellblazer #11
Following from our Zatanna episode, we had a sudden flurry of votes for another magical character. […]
Superheroes For Dummies
It’s Episode 13 of the not yet award-winning podcast! Unlucky for some, I believe we managed […]
Zatanna #1
Sometimes you get a character that comes out of nowhere as a guest, with not much […]
Action Comics #1
For episode 10, we thought we would do something different. We asked everyone to vote between […]
Superheroes For Dummies
Episode 11 has landed and we’re very proud of this one.You, the wonderful listeners chose Zatanna […]
Cyborg #1
Victor Stone wanted to have a normal life, years of his scientist parents performing experiments on […]
Superheroes For Dummies
In episode 8 of Superheroes for Dummies, we covered an inspirational, underrated character; Cyborg. In this […]