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Beginners Guide: Constantine

Hellblazer #11

Following from our Zatanna episode, we had a sudden flurry of votes for another magical character. Troubled, complicated and a thorn in the side of many; Episode 13 focused on John Constantine. Beginnings Constantine first appeared in The Saga of…

Superheroes for Dummies: Constantine

Superheroes For Dummies

It’s Episode 13 of the not yet award-winning podcast! Unlucky for some, I believe we managed to just about get through without incident, which is no guaranteed thing with the character you chose; Constantine. If you want to learn everything…

Beginners Guide: Zatanna

Zatanna #1

Sometimes you get a character that comes out of nowhere as a guest, with not much background, but steals peoples hearts. This is the case with the subject of Episode 11 of the podcast. Here’s a beginners guide to Zatanna…