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Daredevil #1
Do not fear everyone, for the devil of hell’s kitchen is here. For Episode 12 of […]
Superheroes For Dummies
It’s time for Episode 12 of the not yet award winning podcast. This time you, the […]
Action Comics #1
For episode 10, we thought we would do something different. We asked everyone to vote between […]
Incredible Hulk #1
Bruce Banner was a shy, quiet scientist with a brilliant mind. He was reluctantly working with […]
Superheroes For Dummies
Along came Episode 10 of the podcast and we felt we needed to do something different. […]
Superheroes For Dummies
In episode 9 of Superheroes For Dummies we talked about the big green man himself, Hulk. […]
Captain Britain #1
It takes a certain type of hero to defend the realm, especially in a world where […]
Superheroes For Dummies
Another great British character, Captain Britain, was the focus for episode 7 of Superheroes for Dummies. […]