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The Return of Archie Superheroes?

The Agent and Murder Hornet

Although this won’t primarily be a news website, as there are people that already do that better than I can. There will be the occasional piece of news that I feel should be shared. As we covered in Episode 3…

Beginners Guide: The Fly

Adventures of The Fly #2

In Episode 3 we ventured away from the ‘big 2’ into a superhero originating from the catalogue of Archie Comics; The Fly. To help us in our journey, it was our honour that Matthew B Lloyd was able to join…

Superheroes for Dummies: The Fly

Superheroes For Dummies

For episode 3 of Superheroes For Dummies we went outside the realms of DC and Marvel into the house of Archie comics to look into ‘The Fly’.As none of us knew anything on this topic we were honoured to be…