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Beginners Guide: Zatanna

Zatanna #1

Sometimes you get a character that comes out of nowhere as a guest, with not much background, but steals peoples hearts. This is the case with the subject of Episode 11 of the podcast. Here’s a beginners guide to Zatanna…

Beginners Guide: Superman

Action Comics #1

For episode 10, we thought we would do something different. We asked everyone to vote between some well known characters they think they know well. Joined by the amazing Steve Conway, it’s safe to say everyone has something they can…

Superheroes for Dummies: Zatanna

Superheroes For Dummies

Episode 11 has landed and we’re very proud of this one.You, the wonderful listeners chose Zatanna as our character of the day. A powerful magician, she’s unfortunately not very well known.After this episode, we hope many more people will be…