Beginners Guide: Damian Wayne as Robin

Following each recording of the podcast, Superheroes for Dummies, I write a recap of everything I’ve learnt. Here is Superhero Recap – Damian Wayne, the current Robin.

Son of Bat

The origin story of Damian is unique in comparison to the other Robins. For a start, readers have known Damian from birth, which is not true for his father.
During Batman’s time working with the League of Assassins he and Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter, Talia, become romantically involved. After a night of passion, Talia becomes pregnant, but then later tells Bruce she has miscarried. Returning to Gotham, he is unaware the child has been artificially grown in a lab by Ra’s Al Ghul.

Following Batmans refusal to become heir to the throne of the League of Assassins, Ra’s sees the child as his new hope. The Lazarus pit doesn’t work as it used to and his body is failing him. He artificially enhances the child and creates countless clones. Ra’s plans to resurrect himself into the child’s body, using the clones as donors to give him the eternal life he wants. Learning about this plan, it horrifies Damian and he wants nothing to do with it. Hoping that there may still be a way to use the child, they bring Damian to the Batcave in an attempt to disrupt Batman from within.

Strained Relationships

But this quickly backfires, although Damian struggles with his relationship with the Bat-Family, he starts to have an interest in joining his father’s side. His approach as a trained assassin, however, is far from the teachings of Batman. An early attempt to convince the others he is worthy of being Robin leads to Damian decapitating a villain he is chasing. Despite this, Batman has hope that his son will take control of his instincts. Damian is later taken away again by Talia, but the seed of loyalty has been sown.

Following the events of Batman R.I.P and the presumed death of Bruce, Grayson eventually took on the Batman role. Drake is eager to continue as Robin, but Grayson sees him more as a peer than an assistant. Damian has since returned to Gotham and Grayson decides his time has come.
Although its what he wants, Damian continues to defy both Grayson and Drake. Argumentative and strong-minded, he often defies their orders and picks fights with them. Having grown up in a cult of assassins, he has a very different outlook on life.

Father and Son

On his return, Bruce keeps Damian on as Robin. It is a strained relationship and one that will take work from the whole Bat-Family. But through New 52 and Rebirth, it is work they continue to put in.
There has been ups and quite a few downs, but Damian’s Robin has stirred up some great stories. He has made good friends with other vigilantes in Gotham, best friends with Super Boy and has been leading a team in Teen Titans.
The struggles continue, however, with some suggestion that we may see a Father-Son face-off coming soon.

Having only scratched the surface, I’ve hopefully given you enough teasers for Damian that you want to know more. Make sure to submit your votes for an episode of the podcast focused on Damian Wayne.

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