Father & Son Showdown

Back in episode 5 of the podcast, you may remember Steve teasing the ongoing storylines with Damian Wayne. Robin had secretly turned the underground area of Teen Titans HQ into a Dungeon. In there, he had imprisoned some of the most dangerous criminals, locking them away for good.
The discovery of the dungeon by his Teen Titans colleagues has led to fractions and disarray in the team. Unchecked, and now suffering the loss of Alfred, Damian has begun to circle deeper into the darkness.

With the unfortunate cancellation of Teen Titans shining its light at the end of the tunnel, issue #44 has begun the storyline everyone has been waiting for.
Damian is on the hunt for blood, he has seriously maimed KGBeast and is on the verge of killing him. His team try to stop him and set him straight, however they are also struggling with the guilt of their own actions.
All the while, the presence of Batman is looming, he has heard of the dark path his son is taking and surely will not stand for it.
A showdown is coming fast, and the ramifications could shatter through the world of DC.

Be sure to keep a lookout for new releases, you won’t want to miss it.

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