Drafts can be complicated, so here are some rules:

  • The draft will be an ongoing, monthly series, split into yearly seasons.
  • The Aim of each episode is for both competitors to end up with 5 different characters.
  • These teams then go forward to a social media vote for the winner.
  • Each character can only be picked once in a season (e.g somebody picks Swamp Thing, Swamp Thing cannot be picked again until the end of the season)
  • Each episode will have a ‘theme’. This is the category that all picks in that episode will come from. This will be agreed with the competitors ahead of time and will ideally be something both have interest/knowledge in. Examples are at bottom of these rules.
  • When declaring your pick, it must be prefaced with a brief explanation of the character, this can help sway votes in your favour. E.g. “my first pick is a rich dude who goes out at night and beats up poor people, it’s Batman!”
  • When there have been multiple people who have shared a name (the ‘Robin’ problem) One particular Robin will be described in the pick, but ALL variations will then be unpickable (picking Jason Todd Robin would put Stephanie Brown Robin out of selection)
  • Competitors’ names will be input into a randomizer. Whoever comes out top will be given the option of going first or second.
  • the order continues in a ‘snake’ format:
Round 1AB
Round 2BA
Round 3AB
Round 4BA
Round 5AB

Category Examples
Mandatory marvel and dcdc or marvel characters
indie spotlightindie characters
classic comicsgolden age characters
tv &moviescharacters that have appeared on screen 
kicking sidekickscharacters that are mostly known as sidekicks
mighty and magicalcharacters that are magic-based
femme fataleseductive and deadly characters
non-humanscharacters other than human
manga timemanga characters
godlikecharacters described as godlike or deities 
horrendoushorror characters
amusing alliescomedy/humorous characters 
vile villains Supervillain characters
kids dream team characters aimed at kids
adults onlycharacters aimed specifically at adults 
80s animationsCharacters from the well-loved 80s animations
Video gamesCharacters who have appeared in video games
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