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Ria Carrogan talks family and film

Geek Podcast

This week, we hear from the lovely Ria, from Pop Guerrillas and Seasons Greetings on Comics in Motion. A long time movie lover and appreciator of all geek culture, where did her journey begin? What are her thoughts on the…

Superheroes For Dummies: Moon Knight

Superheroes For Dummies

In this episode, Steve was once again unfortunately held up, so Dan and Steve were joined by the host of 20th Century Geek, Scott Weatherly. The subject was as always, chosen by you the listeners, and you went for… Moon…

Angry Andy talks Star Wars

Geek Podcast

In this episode, we hear from Angry-Andy, the host of his self-named review channel. A regular guest of Spider-Dan’s show, Andy is a fount of knowledge on geek culture, from Star Wars, Superhero Comics and cult movies. Where did it…

Superheroes For Dummies: Starman

Superheroes For Dummies

For this episode, Steve was unavailable. However, to make sure you don’t miss out on nerd knowledge, we replaced him with two special guests! We were joined by Matt B Lloyd and Steve Conroy to talk about the wonderful Starman.…