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P Mac

Beginners Guide: Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four 2018 #1

Episode 19 of the podcast brought us to another team. A group of scientists, who, on a mission to outer space were bombarded with cosmic rays. These rays affected each of the four in different ways, giving them different powers…

Beginners Guide: Joker

Joker #1

For Episode 17 of the podcast, you sent us in a direction we had been itching to take: Supervillains For Dummies, that’s right, you led us to Joker. Villains sometimes have a reputation for being simple characters that lack backstory…

Superheroes For Dummies: Fantastic Four

Superheroes For Dummies

For Episode 19, it was group time again! You, the wonderful listening public requested we talk about the first family of the marvel world; The Fantastic Four. We cover some of the antics of the group as a whole, if…

Beginners Guide: Judge Dredd

End Of Days

Back in episode 16, we had the great pleasure of venturing into another indie comic. A British weekly anthology by the name of 2000AD. The listeners had pulled out another great name for us to talk about it was time…

Superheroes For Dummies: Swamp Thing

Superheroes For Dummies

For episode 18 of the podcast, we entered the world of the elementals. I think it’s fair to say most people have heard of Swamp Thing, but know little about him. As you’ll hear when you listen to the episode,…