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P Mac

Geek With Dave H

Geek Podcast

This week on Geek, it is with great pleasure that we hear from the man behind the Comics In Motion network. Co-Host of the ‘TV and Movies reviews’, ‘VHS Strikes Back’, ‘Chris and Dave’s Reality Cast’ and ‘Back to the…

Geek With Max Byrne

Geek Podcast

The next episode of Geek has found its way into the listening channels, this time with the wonderful Max Byrne. Host of Mandatory Marvel and DC on Comics in Motion and an all round great guy. He’s known as the…

Geek With Chaotic Comics and Crafts

Geek Podcast

Episode three of Geek has arrived, this time we hear from Aidan of Chaotic Comics and Crafts.Aidan is a regular contributor of questions to Superheroes For Dummies, he’s also a writer and runs a stall selling comics and art. We…

Geek With Mike Burton

Geek Podcast

Episode two of the exploration into geek culture and the people behind it is here!This time it was my pleasure to talk to Mike Burton; a Massive star wars fan, podcaster, all-around chatty guy, and so much more.You may know…

Geek With IamJacsMusings

Geek Podcast

The time has arrived! Episode one of the exploration into who ‘geeks’ really are.For the opening, I was pleased to talk to IamJacsMusings; A fan of comics and movies, a writer, podcaster, family man, teacher and so much more.You can…

Introducing: Trailer for ‘Geek’

Geek Podcast

We are proud to introduce our new project! In association with Fantastic Universes, we can announce the start of a new show: Geek.We live in a world of stereotypes, telling someone you’re a geek or into geek culture can give…