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Superheroes for Dummies: Spiderman

Superheroes For Dummies

In our ongoing quest to learn about superheroes, Superheroes For Dummies episode 2 moved to everybodys favourite local superhero. Its Spiderman! Another character that is much deeper than people believe, there is more to him than just catching muggers and…

Beginners Guide: Batman

Batman Year One Part 1

Episode one of the superheroes for dummies podcast focused on Batman. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you can find it here. There was a lot to learn and we only really scratched the surface. Below is a quick…

Superheroes For Dummies: Batman

Superheroes For Dummies

We’re live! The very first episode of SuperHeroes for Dummies has gone live on the Comics in Motion podcast. In this first episode we talk about Batman, a character most people know something about, but really only scratching the surface.…